T: Ambiguous, that sounds right, right?
N: You are asking me?  I am the immigrant.

C: We have a ranger like that in my Pathfinder group.  With her gravity bow, minishot on and her favored enemies (dragons, undead and evil outsiders) on her preferred terrain (forests & underground) with a constellation of ioun stones and a side of Inspire Courage, Haste, Hero's Feast and Heroism;  She could knock off about 300 hit points in a single volley.  Gravy was in the form of being within 30 feet of the bard (me) for an extra d6 of sonic damage.  You know, a little dig in the ribs.
C: Or favorite tactic is she would ride around with me on my flying carpet, hence we started calling her the tailgunner.
    F******* left the room
    N****** left the room
G: I've...I've never done acid, so...I don't have any stories like that.

Many of you may not know this but I’m a pretty big deal on the local Karaoke scene. I’m now trying to break into mainstream parody rap. I need some help with some lyrics though. This is what I have so far…
I like big guts
And I cannot lie
Those other sisters can’t deny
When a dude walks in with 60 inch waist
And puts his loose flab in your face
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Inspirational photos are welcome.
a.k.a. Dame-Stir-A-Bit

[2:30 AM] R: weak.  i broke a deployment
[2:31 AM] M: welcome to the dev team

I think there is an evil pigeon outside my window
(2:22 AM after a long release)

Be a Bieber believer like me! I brush my teeth to Justin Bieber!

I wanted to alert you to this amazing opportunity on two purebred unicorns for sale.  Want to go halves with me on them?  We could ride them during sunset and into the mists of Avalon together.

I like walking at nights, going gremlin hunting, feed gizmos after midnight; on other matters, I really like that sexy Hasselhoff wallpaper with puppies, do have a theme  for that? I’d frame that picture and brush my teeth to it.

I'd really like to have a tea party with biscuits in a patio in a summer afternoon.

H: i cannot hear anything
K: sucks to be you
J: we all can
T: put on your headphones
H: lol i did
K: turn up the volume
K: find some q-tips
H: -_-
H: oh now i can!
K: (clap)

On St. Patrick's Day
J: What do you guys mean by this pinching thing?
T: It's like a tradition where if you don't wear green others can pinch you.
J: Pinch where?  Like nipples?
T: Sure, go for it!

Lets all get together and do burpees
3 pm at my desk and I will take all you out to dinner and give you $100 each to those who show up.