Find The Best Anything?


In my effort to find the best washer and dryer for my new home I tried a few avenues. I posted a "help me" post on social media and got quite a few responses. This was great except it seemed there was no real winner out of the list of recommendations. Even so, there were a couple that had multiple recommendations and they were Whirlpool (Michigan family & friends), LG and Samsung. Most everyone noted Samsung having electrical issues but still worth looking into.

I decided to continue to look on my own which included combing the internet on Lowes and Home Depot, creating my own spreadsheet and crunch information I felt was important in my decision. Still, no dice on a clear winner winner chicken dinner.

Then I stumbled upon a website that does what my spreadsheet was attempting to do and even further. It has a quick an easy method of comparing just about anything. Below is a screenshot from the site to show its basic comparison of all washers. When you narrow your filter criteria down to features, load capacity and even price range it allows you to see what value you are getting for your dollar. I found this site very helpful in my decision process for a washer & dryer. I recommend everyone give it a try and let me know how it goes.