#define CTO

Tech Startup

Below is an excerpt from the blog post by Strip's CTO Greg Brockman.  It's a raw log of thoughts from someone overwhelmed with the duties that come with startup life and thoughts on how he learned to adapt with the use of a VP of Engineering.  One of the best articles about CTOing I think I have read.

I joined Stripe as an engineer in 2010. I began by working on the backend infrastructure: designing the server architecture, creating our credit card vault, and producing internal abstractions to make people’s jobs easier. I loved writing code, but I also spent a bunch of time on other things: figuring out our recruiting program, shaping the culture, or making our first T-shirts (which have been banned since we hired our first designer). I wasn’t doing these things particularly because I preferred them to coding: instead, I had a very strong vision of the environment I wanted to be a part of, and I was willing to go out of my way to make it exist.

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